Westworld main title sequence by

I'm totally in love from years ago of studio but after this outstanding Westworld main title sequence project directed by Patrick Clair... this means 'in love' for the rest of my life! Please e joy it as much as me Westworld main title ...


Image Bank Free HD and Royalty free! One of my favorite photos sources.

Image Bank ABSOLUTELY free!  HD, Royalty free images for web business, corporate, digital project, mockups, social networks or ...


After Effects vs Nuke

In love of that video.. thanks School of


Dani Llabrés my #1 spanish writer. Highly recommendable!

Let me introduce my #1 Spanish writer Dani Llabrés, from Valencia (Spain, 1971) based in Medellin (Colombia). Nowadays embroiled in a police saga and a collection of children's books about music.   Former lawer during three decades. He has lived in Madrid and Amsterdam ...