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A Little Bit About Me

I’m Sonia, I work as 3D/ Motion Artist / Digital Compositor.

Softwares that work on: c4D/Nuke/Photoshop/AFX and Procreate app.

I’m from Valencia (Spain), after 6 years in Chicago (US) I moved to in Umeå (Sweden) in February 2019.

I have 15 years of experience.

I’ve been working in advertising agencies and in post production houses.

Working in UK, US and Spain, onsite and remotely worldwide.

Kind of projects: live action + CG commercials and animated TV shows.

I’ve studied:

1- Fine Arts Bachelor Degree (2002)

2- Master Degree in Postproduction (2003)

3- Master Degree in VFX for TV and Film (2012)

I love everything about the aesthetics of the videogames, cinematics, trailers, vfx et.

I can spend hours seen other profiles of artists/companies that I admire on Instagram and Behance.

Looking forward to collaborating on next projects!

My Experience

Few Years Experience
  • 1998 - 2002

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at UPV. Valencia, Spain

  • 2003-2004

    Master Degree, at BAU. Barcelona, Spain

  • 2004-2011

    Working as Digital Artist in Postproduction. Valencia, Spain

  • 2012 - 2012

    Master Dregree in VFX for TV and Film at Primer Frame. Valencia, Spain

  • 2013 - 2017

    Working in Chicago as 3D Motion Artist and Nuke Compositor

  • 2018 - Present

    In London, Chicago, Valencia and now Umeå. Working as Nuke Compositor and 3D Motion Artist. Back in Europe!!


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